Mary a. jalava

Mary a. jalava is a small Helsinki-based accessories brand that has become known for its patterned tights that delight the street scene. The products are designed and screen printed by hand.

The brand was founded in the summer of 2009 when designers Miira Zukale and Veera Moilanen combined their ideas and visual world into a common clothing and accessories collection. Behind the illustrative prints is the textile designer Miira Zukale, whose printed patterns of the products are drawn by hand.

Mary a. jalava is the alter ego of its founders, whose products' moods reflect issues and values important to designers, such as hometown travelling, appreciation of urban nature, flea market finds and vegetable farming. In the illustrative prints of the products, you can find forest animals, gentle hummingbirds, park trees and green plants.

Mary a. jalava's values are joy, durability and handmade. The goal is especially to cheer up and make fellow people happy. Durability is an important value both in choosing the material of the products, and in the durability of prints and colors over time. The products of Mary a. jalava are not seasonal products, they can be used year after year.

The products are designed and screen printed by hand in a workshop in Punavuori, Helsinki, with the power of good coffee and music.

Hand printed with love!